Private Lessons at Myrtle Beach BJJ & Judo

Want to develop your judo and jiu jitsu skills further? Then why not book one on one instruction with our instructors who will be able to devote their coaching skills to help you be better.

Whether it be just to get better at the art, to have devoted coaching ahead of a tournament or to simply accelerate your skills, our one on one instruction will help you develop.

Our private lessons in Myrtle Beach provide that exclusive coaching that will help to explore new techniques, positions and to have any bad habits corrected in a more personal setting.

Martial Arts covered include Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Striking, wrestling  & Edge Weapons.

If you are interested in private lessons, please fill out the form below stating your interest or simply call 856-777-4223 and speak to us and schedule a time.

Benefits of private lessons:

  • Full expert coaching dedicated to you
  • Full analysis of your techniques and positional sense
  • Correction and advice on your needs
  • Accelerate your skills
  • Perfect for preparing for a tournament
  • Instruction tailored to your needs at your level

Price: $40 to $100 per session

Enter your details below if you are interested:


Do I need to take private lessons?

The simple answer is it depends on your situation and what you are looking to get out of practicing judo or jiu jitsu. If you are semi-serious about it, then you perhaps should take a private lesson once every 6 months or so. This lesson can be used to tidy up any habits you may have developed and help you progress. Don’t forget in a class environment, there’s only so much we can see and do. One on one instruction means we’re totally focussed on you.

What other benefits are there in private lessons?

Does the term blind spot mean anything? Quite often you may not be fully understanding a concept and the results are showing this. In a one on one setting, we will be able to drill down that much faster and provide the explanation and correction you need to fix it. In a class environment, it may take many weeks, but one on one, we can concentrate solely on that issue and resolve it much faster.

We’ve already touched on preparing for a tournament, but have you ever considered the after tournament effect? Once a tournament is completed, and no matter how well you may have done, wouldn’t it be great to be able to analyse your performance more and to understand what you could have done to have been even better? Again, one on one instruction will give you that. Make sure you have your performances recorded on video and the analysis will be so much better.

Will I be able to rank up quicker?

Absolutely. The more personal instruction you have and the more you are able to practice, the quicker you will be able to develop new skills and get to the higher belts so much sooner. We can absolutely help you do that.

Contact us today and take the first step to being better!


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