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Ray Marquez is the joint owner of Myrtle Beach BJJ & Judo and also runs two chiropractic clinics on the east coast. Back Pain Relief Center in <Vineland New Jersey, and the other in <Myrtle Beach.

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Just recently, I competed in the US Judo Association Summer Nationals in West Palm, Florida. I won all four of my bouts and became national champion. As many of you may know, I am also a chiropractor, and my chiropractic training and understanding helped me significantly in being as fit and in good shape as possible to achieve this goal.

Chiropractic care isn’t just for people who suffer back pain, or have been in car accidents, it can really help to keep you fit and well, and to provide you with as much range of motion as possible. 

Over time, and this happens with pretty much all of us, we build up scar tissue and adhesions which eventually impede on our joints, decreasing range of motion and also can carry pain. What chiropractic manipulations do is help break up this scar tissue, release pressure on the joints by decompressing them, and this increases range of motion.

I run two clinics on the east coast, one in Vineland New Jersey, the other here in Myrtle Beach. I see patients with varying complaints and I also see patients who come to me on a regular basis just to be adjusted, with the attitude of prevention is better than cure.

With me and my wins, my wellness training consisted of a weekly adjustment from one of the doctors who works for me. This helped keep adhesions at bay and ensured my joints were not compressed. I also was suffering from a little low back pain, which again the chiropractic adjustments helped. I was also feeling tingling and numbness in my fingers, and this was coming from my neck which had knotted up. Adjustments here loosened the muscles up and my condition here improved.

I did suffer a torn meniscus a while back which required surgery. I have always been careful with my knee since then, and along with the rest of my body, if I felt a twinge or pain, I would stop for a couple of days, allow the injury to heal before carrying on. With my knee, I kept a close eye on it, and utilized cold laser therapy to help with any inflammation and other issues.

I am 47, so have to keep a closer eye on my body now, it can’t take the hammerings it used to in my younger days. Each night I would stretch my neck backwards to reverse the effects of my neck problems, and also used an inversion table to hang upside down and decompress my spine. This along with ice packs and TENs units really helped keep my body in good condition.

And it worked. I was able to compete to a high standard, and I was able to win too. There is no way I would have achieved this without chiropractic care. Keeping your body toned for judo is essential, but it can also help you in every day life.

It’s the secret to my success. How about yours?

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